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The 2 Best Hiking Destinations in Prince Frederick Maryland

Are you looking for a good place to hike? You won’t want to miss the best hiking in Prince Frederick Maryland. 

American Chestnut Land Trust in Prince Frederick

There are 22 miles of free hiking trails at the American Chestnut Land Trust. Whether you’re an experienced hiker who loves a challenge or you prefer a more relaxed pace, ACLT has what you’re looking for. The trails vary in length and difficulty. Visitors have called it a “hidden gem of Calvert County.”

Their main trailheads are:

Connecting People to the Land in Calvert County

ACLT offers other fun outdoor activities as well. At Double Oak Farm, ACLT donates 80% of its harvest to a Food Pantry. They use Native American Farming techniques and natural home gardening methods to produce healthy crops. They even have a volunteer program where they teach their techniques to potential farmers and gardeners (with no prior experience) free of charge. If you want to start a garden, they are a great resource.

With programs like “In Your Own Backyard,” volunteer opportunities, and free educational literature, ACLT helps people connect to the land. They encourage the locals of Southern Maryland to learn about, love, and care for their state parks and land trusts. Their website is a wealth of free information.

ACLT also makes group tours available for a variety of ages and abilities. You can book the tours on their site. Most are free, but some charge a small fee. Here are some of the tours they offer:

  • Tour or Visit the Farm, EDGE Garden, and Food Forest for FREE
  •  Schedule Group to Volunteer for FREE
  •  Guided Hike FREE (limited to 20 visitors)
  •  Guided Paddle (applicable fees per person)
  •  Garden Sprout visit to the Garden with Miss Cathy FREE (good for toddlers and small children)

Directions to American Chestnut Land Trust From Prince Frederick Maryland

Battle Creek Cypress Swamp in Maryland

Though much smaller than ACLT, Battle Creek Cypress Swamp boasts one of the northernmost forests of bald cypress trees. There’s a shady boardwalk through the wetlands that’s perfect for observing the abundant wildlife. Battle Creek also has a Nature Center that will give you more insight into the history and heritage of the area. There’s also a self-guided audio tour. 

Visitors often comment on how family-friendly Battle Creek is. The quarter-mile boardwalk is short and sweet, a perfect length for little ones. Children love the variety of animals. Here are some of the animals you might see at Battle Creek Cypress Swamp.

  • Various Owls
  • Hawks
  • A Large Albino Snapping Turtle

Directions to Battle Creek Cypress Swamp From Prince Frederick Maryland

Outdoor Adventures in Prince Frederick

ACLT offers a range of activities from gardening to hiking. Battle Creek offers beautiful natural sights and a Nature Center. So if you’re looking for an outdoor adventure, these are the two best hiking destinations in Prince Frederick.

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