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Bayside Tree Removal Service | Prince Frederick, Maryland

Tree Removal Service in Prince Frederick, MD

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Our team of skilled arborists is ready to help you achieve your land maintenance goals. With our 5-star ratings and drive for customer satisfaction, you are assured quality service at competitive rates. You don’t pay until you are satisfied. 

We work and live in Prince Frederick and Calvert County and are proud to help local landowners maintain safe, aesthetically pleasing yards and properties with our professional services. Our team offers tree removal, storm damage cleanup, trimming and pruning, utility line clearing, and stump grinding. Call or fill out our online form to get started with your free estimate.

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Tree Removal in Prince Frederick

This job requires extensive training and experience to prevent personal injury and property damage; however, there are no guarantees, and accidents do happen. This is why it’s vital that you allow a reputable and skilled company to take care of this for you. We are prepared with the required equipment, tools, and personal protective equipment to get the job done safely and efficiently. 

If you’re looking for a certified, insured, and reliable company to take care of your landscape maintenance needs, give us a call and we’ll get started as soon as possible.

We begin each job with a thorough inspection to determine whether full removal is necessary or if we can simply brace or trim sections of the tree. Sometimes, however, removal is needed. Some cases when this is necessary are when there is considerable leaning, more than a third of the trunk is hollow, over 25% of the branches are dead, and the trunk has large cracks. These may be signs of disease, which can later spread to nearby trees. Of course, every situation is different, so there are other factors we consider. 

Give us a call to learn more about how we can best serve you!

 High-Risk Removals

Most jobs we take on are high-risk since it’s not always possible to prevent every single accident in this industry. Some high-risk cases are when we are working close to your home and limbs or branches could cause significant property damage if they fall, downed trees are blocking a busy road, or branches are dangerously close to power lines. In these cases, the risk is higher for the property owner and our team and extra caution is needed.

When you have an emergency situation, do not hesitate to call us. We’d be happy to take care of this for you. Our mission is the safety of our customers and our team.

Utility Line Clearing

When trees are too close to a power line and branches are brushing up against the wire, this creates a very dangerous environment. In the worst-case scenario, the ground below the tree could be hazardous as the power lines can send an electric current down through the tree’s trunk. This can happen whether or not the tree is in contact with the power lines. The electric current combined with the tree’s leaves and branches may also start a fire. 
If you are worried about similar dangers, do not hesitate to call your utility company and our team. We work alongside local utility companies to help keep our community safe.

 Storm Damage Cleanup

Has a severe storm taken down a few trees on your property, leaving your yard a mess? With Maryland’s snowy winters, intense summer thunderstorms, and occasionally strong windy weather, we’re happy to provide storm-damage cleanup throughout Calvert County. 

This job may occasionally entail utility line clearing – sometimes storms take down trees and branches right on nearby power lines, creating hazardous conditions that need immediate attention. Our team is here to help. With our expertise and strict adherence to safety protocols, you’re guaranteed quality care. We’ll get your neighborhood back in a safe condition.

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Tree Trimming and Cutting Branches

We’re happy to offer professional trimming and cutting services! Although these jobs may seem simple, they require experience and training. Why? To the untrained eye, it may seem necessary to remove certain branches, but this could do more harm than good. Our team is thoroughly trained to identify which areas or branches need to be trimmed or pruned for the most benefit.

Trimming vs. Pruning

These two terms are often used interchangeably, but they have unique purposes and benefits. Trimming primarily enhances the appearance and shape of bushes, hedges, and trees – it boosts the aesthetic appeal of your yard. However, it also promotes yard safety, when hazardous branches are trimmed away from your rooftop, for example. 

Pruning, on the other hand, benefits trees’ health. It involves removing dead or decaying branches that may also be diseased. This is best done in the winter when trees are dormant and have time to heal from the pruning wounds before spring brings new growth and disease insects.

Why Hire a Licensed & Insured Arborist?

There are tree maintenance projects that you can manage yourself; however, many jobs are better left to a trained professional. Protect yourself and your family from injury and prevent property damage by calling our team today. You will also save time researching the needed equipment and tools because we come prepared with all the required materials. 

As certified arborists, we understand that each tree situation is unique and requires a thorough inspection so we can identify what service is needed. We consider the landowner’s goals as well as what is best for the tree and surrounding area. 

Hiring the right tree service company takes time – you want to ensure you hire a reputable company that is fully insured and certified for a variety of jobs. Here are some things to consider when doing your research:

  • The company has high customer ratings and positive reviews
  • Is there a satisfaction guarantee?
  • Is the company fully insured to protect you should there be an accident on your property?
  • What training procedures are required for the employees?
  • How long have they been in business?

Counties in Southern Maryland We Serve

  • Calvert
  • Anne Arundel
  • Charles
  • St. Mary’s
  • Prince George

Areas in Calvert County We Serve

  • Prince Fredrick
  • Huntingtown
  • Owings
  • Dunkirk
  • Brighton Woods
  • Woodland Acres
  • Barstow
  • St Leonard
  • Lusby

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